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Ito Jakuchu Animal Paintings

Ito Jakuchu Animal Paintings

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Description: Painter of the mid-Edo Period Kyoto, Jakuchu. "Even without Jakuchu Jakuchu before, no after Jakuchu Jakuchu" such as a picture of his solitary existence of perfect is known for the beauty of the color for a long time, how to draw in a minute. This paper introduces in detail "all motion 綵絵 planted" his masterpiece of width 30. Even more than depiction of attention to detail by relentless, it should be placed how in the screen the flora and fauna that is subject of the painting, paintings that he has attracted attention Tomini recent years, the design sense is excellence, so to speak, I have nothing but since. Moreover, it is also one of the highlights of this book "notation insect 采" scrolls to be found for the first time in 70 years this time, the whole picture is unveiled magazine. This is one of the long-awaited book weirdness of Jakuchu descriptive power, force design, the composition is transferred and acutely. Comment from publisher Painter of the Edo period, Jakuchu. His paintings are known for a long time the beauty of color, how to draw in a minute. This paper introduces in detail "all 綵絵 planting movement" in his masterpiece width 30. Is one of the highlights of this book also "notation insect 菜" picture scroll which is also the first time in a magazine.

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