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Tattoo Demon

Tattoo Demon

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Tattoo Demon Bernie Luther

Bernie, born in 1965in Vienna/Austria, built his first Tattoo machine as a 16-year-old punk and never stopped tattooing ever since. Finding out that his back-then hobby could help and finance his travels, he went on the road in the mid-eighties through Europe. In 1987, he opened his studio “Tattoo Demon.” By the end of the 80s, his travels brought him to the United States, a frequent destination until the mid-90s. In 1994, Bernie opened another shop in Bali that he co-owned for ten years. Countless conventions ended up in dozens of Awards displayed in the entrance room of Vienna’s oldest running Shop. 1993, Bernie’s first son Joel was born, followed by his second son Jeremy, born in 1995 in Bali. To celebrate 40 years of tattooing, Tribal Publishing presents Bernie’s first book, “Tattoo Demon,” with a selection of Tattoos, Paintings, Photos, and Gig posters

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